Michelle Ciccarelli Lerach is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and activist. In 2008, she received the Consumer Attorneys of California WLC Outstanding Consumer Advocate Award before taking a sabbatical from her full-time practice to further commit herself to social activism. An “agvocate” for sustainable food, she founded both the Cali-Baja Berry Good Night and Berry Good Food Foundation to advance a healthy, integrated food system by educating, connecting and supporting local food producers and consumers. She hosts the BGF-sponsored award-winning Future Thought Leaders program on UCTV.tv, with 1.5 million viewers. She is an advisor to Kiss the Ground and an Executive Producer of the documentary of the same name. An outspoken critic of current GMO labeling policy, she served on the steering committee of Californians for GE Labeling and helped launch GMOscience.org. She in the incoming Chair of the Board of the University of California Press Foundation, focused on progressive scholarship, particularly in the areas of food, farming, social and environmental issues, and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Women Peacemakers Program at the Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice at USD. She previously served as a consultant to the Liberian Ministry of Gender & Development.