Jessica Waite has been passionate about nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices since childhood. She became a vegetarian at age seven and was exploring veganism by her mid-teens. Jessica studied psychology and biology at California State University San Marcos and focused on responsible lifestyle as a preventative measure, with an emphasis on healthy eating. In 2012 Jessica paired up with Davin Waite, a local chef and business owner. Their first project was the rebranding of his sushi-centric catering company, Fish Joint Catering. Renamed Pickled Ginger Catering & Events, the company now offers locally sourced sushi, entrees, and appetizers, including a full vegan menu. In 2013 the couple opened Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub, an unorthodox sushi and seafood restaurant in South Oceanside that has a similar focus on sourcing locally from organic farms and responsible companies, and on minimizing waste by using the whole plant or animal. In 2016 the pair, now married, opened their third concept, the Whet Noodle, a ramen shop with similar values that offers plant-based options. Jessica is currently working with local farmers, small vendors, and schools to strengthen and promote the growing local food system in the Oceanside community.