Cuisinart Grinder & Atilano Coffee

Cuisinart Grinder & Atilano Coffee

Winning Bid: $110.00

Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill grinder and 6 packages (4.5 lbs) of Oaxacan whole bean, medium roast, premium Arabica coffee from Atilano coffee based in Solana Beach CA

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    The Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill has 18 levels to grind your coffee beans, from ultra-fine to extra-coarse. With an automatic stop, your beans are guaranteed to be consistently ground to the right grade, maximizing the oils, aromas, and flavors for a better cup of coffee. Grind enough coffee to make 4-18 cups, and store any remaining grounds in the chamber.

    Atilano is a socially-responsible craft coffee company based in Solana Beach, CA that uniquely blends California and Latino coffee cultures. Atilano is responsibly sourced, with special attention paid to low-impact farming and harvesting methods, and expertly roasted in small batches in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each blend highlights beans sourced from a specific Latin American nation with packaging artwork that pays homage to its origins and symbolizes the country’s unique cultural heritage.

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    November 30, 2020 12:22 pm$110.00alreenh
    November 29, 2020 6:17 pm$100.00tamarakinsella
    November 26, 2020 8:00 am$90.00oliver.m.kiefer
    November 23, 2020 2:38 am$80.00alreenh
    November 21, 2020 5:21 pm$70.00faffarano
    November 19, 2020 6:41 pm$60.00alreenh
    November 19, 2020 12:00 pmAuction started

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