After having worked in the finance industry as both a corporate executive and firm owner for 10+ years, Pablo A. Fernandez decided to pursue his true passion: connecting people around food. A four-month sabbatical to Spain marked the beginning of a reconnection to his culinary roots, and his journey led him to follow in the footsteps of the three generations of bakers, cooks, and culinary instructors that preceded him. What started as in-home cooking parties with family and friends evolved into what is now Secret Table, a renowned experience design company that connects community leaders, innovators, artists, and entrepreneurs alike around the dinner table. As co-founder of Secret Table, Pablo brings local food, regenerative practices, and the importance of a connected community to the forefront at his events, and advises other non- and for-profit organizations to further that mission. He is a voting member of the San Diego Food System Alliance and creator of the Food, Farming, and Nutrition program at Autism Tree Project Foundation (ATPF). He has been an active (ATPF) board member since 2014.